Our view of the child

We see children as competent and believe that they depend on the way we relate to them. The manner in which we react, talk and interact with children expresses our acknowledgement of them as individuals. Furthermore, we believe that the role of our teachers is to ensure that children experience our school as a safe and friendly place – a place where the child can be his or herself and is given equal opportunities, a place where friendships form, and a place where children gain positive self worth.


Exposure to the languages and cultures of Scandinavia are vitally important for our students. We believe they gain a sense of pride from speaking their language, in addition to gaining a knowledge of their cultural heritage. The Scandinavian preschool model, where learning and caring are understood as inseparable, is underpinned by democratic values, which state that everybody is equal and interdependent. This perspective places great value on relationships between children, teachers and parents, and fosters these relationships between all parties.